Wm. Randall Trawnik – Board Certified Ocularist, FASO  •  John Randall Trawnik – Board Certified Ocularist

Welcome to Dallas Eye Prosthetics!
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Whether your eye loss was organic or traumatic, we understand that for you, it is an emotional and physical event. Our goal is to create for you a new eye that is an exact match in every detail. We like to think of it as camouflage so beautifully done that no one will know we were there. We also provide encouragement from our staff and the other patients you will meet while here.

What makes our day is to see our patient’s face light up when they see that the person in the mirror is the person they know! We try to complete the work in a day because we know you have a busy life. Take a look at the slideshow to the right for a quick visual overview of our services and patients. The rest of the site offers a wealth of information on our services and insurance details.

If you would like a consultation, please call our office for an appointment. The initial consultation is FREE of CHARGE and will allow you to make a confident decision in beginning the eye prosthetic procedure. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Dallas Eye Prosthetics also offers
service in Wichita Falls, Texas.

John Trawnik BCO offers prosthetic eye care to patients in Wichita Falls at the offices of Deatherage Certified Opticians. Click here for more information.


We serve patients from around the world because of the renowned quality of our work and the emotional support they receive while they’re here.