Cleaning Your
Artificial Eye


Artificial eyes can easily be removed and replaced. They are held in place by the lower and upper eyelids and fit to the interior of the eye socket. Most patients wear their prosthesis full-time, removing only occasionally to clean, while other patients remove their prosthesis at night. Wearing full-time is ideal.

Always use clean hands when handling your prosthesis. Too much handling can cause excess drainage and irritation to your socket. Remove the prosthesis only as necessary to clean or as often as directed.

Polish Appointments for Your Artificial Eye

Routine polishing helps keep protein deposits and bacteria from building up on the prosthesis. The prosthesis should be polished at least once a year in order to maintain a comfortable fit and to keep a natural appearance. Children and those living in arid climates may require polishing every 6 months.

The prosthesis is soaked in an antibacterial solution to kill the surface bacteria. We polish the prosthesis with a high-speed muslin buff and medical quality aluminum oxide (ALOX) hard contact lens polish that smoothes the surface to an optical grade finish. This visit also allows the ocularist to examine the socket to ensure that it is healthy and the prosthesis is fitting well.