Artificial Eye Services

Please remember that you are welcome at our location for a free consultation and evaluation.

Our services include restoration for the following conditions:

• Enucleation
• Evisceration
• Phthisis-Bulbi
• Congenital Anophthalmia
• Congenital Microphthalmia
• Replacement Prosthesis

Our work is very much like camouflage. Our mission is to make it invisible to others.

That is the quality of our work and our ever-present goal.

Our clients range in age from infants to senior citizens. We build a lifetime relationship with them through the very best professional and personal care.

We also offer periodic cleaning and polishing services. The frequency of these visits is determined by the environment the patient lives in. As the patient grows, their eyes will change size and shape. At this point, the prosthetic needs to be adjusted or replaced to maintain the matching appearance to the other eye.

On the right is a visual summary of the steps involved in creating a perfectly matched Artificial Eye. Please understand that this is NOT a painful process. We do our best to make it as pleasant as possible.